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Do you have an image file that isn't quite ready for printing? I can help. I will colour correct, mask, retouch, crop and increase the resolution of your image file to make it ready to print. I use photoshop to remove imperfections. I specialize in B&W conversion. Converting from Colour to B&W is more than one click of your mouse.

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I was contracted to shoot a stained glass window installed in a wall between two rooms for the artist, Julia Williamson ( / Timing didn't allow the window to be photographed before installation. It was difficult to light and the depth of the wall created a second frame within the window. It was necessary to correct the colour and remove the inner frame.


Upper Left: Window before any correction

Upper Right: Window after colour balance

Left: The finished window.

It was necessary to shoot the room and the window separately, the properly lit colour corrected window dropped in and the frame removed.


Upper Left: Room shot

Upper Right: Window shot

Lower Left: Colour corrected window.

Lower Right: Finished window in place